The Evolution of File Sharing: From Traditional Methods to Cutting-Edge Solutions


In light of the concerns surrounding traditional file shares, such as security vulnerabilities and latency problems, what are the current best practices for file sharing and storage among professionals? Are solutions like SharePoint becoming the standard, or are there other preferred methods being adopted globally?


The cornerstone of modern file sharing best practices is a strong security posture. This includes operating from a least-privilege perspective, having simple and standard permissions, and avoiding the use of ‘everyone’ groups. It’s crucial to actively monitor permissions degradation and vulnerabilities, curtail horizontal and vertical folder spread, create global deny groups, and develop an emergency response strategy. Additionally, providing users with centrally managed shortcuts to shared resources can enhance both security and efficiency.

SharePoint: A Standard or Just One of Many?

SharePoint has long been a go-to solution for many organizations due to its integration with Microsoft Office and its capabilities for document management and intranet services. However, SharePoint is not without its challenges, such as being less intuitive compared to newer competitors. This has led to the exploration and adoption of various alternatives.

Exploring Alternatives to SharePoint

The market offers a plethora of SharePoint alternatives that cater to different organizational needs. Some of the top trending alternatives include Google Workspace, Huddle, Igloo, Confluence by Atlassian, and Intranet Connections. These platforms provide various benefits, such as better pricing, easier adoption, tailored templates, and specific features that may be more aligned with a company’s unique requirements.


The best practices for file sharing and storage among professionals are dynamic and continuously evolving. While SharePoint remains a significant player, the rise of various alternatives suggests a trend towards diversification in file sharing and storage solutions. Organizations are increasingly seeking platforms that not only meet their security and efficiency needs but also offer ease of use and customization to fit their specific workflows. As the landscape of digital collaboration tools expands, professionals have more options than ever to ensure their file sharing and storage practices are secure, efficient, and tailored to their needs.

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