The Energy Tab Enigma: Decoding MacBook’s Latest Update Woes


“Could an expert shed light on why my MacBook’s Activity Monitor ceases to function when I attempt to access the Energy tab? Since the latest update, selecting this tab results in the Activity Monitor becoming unresponsive, and it remains inoperative until I remove the plist file. This issue persists despite restarting the system and only the Energy tab seems to be affected. What could be the underlying cause of this peculiar behavior?”


Mac users have recently encountered a perplexing issue where the Activity Monitor becomes unresponsive upon accessing the Energy tab. This problem, which surfaced after a system update, has left many users stumped and seeking answers.

The Activity Monitor is an integral part of the macOS that provides insights into the system’s performance and resource usage. However, a glitch seems to have crept in with the latest update. When users click on the Energy tab, which displays the energy consumption of various applications, the Activity Monitor freezes and fails to reopen unless a specific preference file, known as a plist file, is deleted.

Investigating the Cause

Upon delving into user discussions and expert analyses, it appears that this issue is not isolated. Several users have reported similar experiences, particularly after updating their macOS to newer versions like Monterey or Ventura. The problem seems to be reproducible and consistent, indicating a potential bug within the system’s update.

Possible Explanations

One theory suggests that the update may have introduced a compatibility issue with the Activity Monitor’s Energy tab functionality. This could be due to changes in how energy usage data is collected or displayed, leading to an overload or conflict that causes the application to crash.

Solutions and Workarounds

While Apple has yet to release an official fix, users have found temporary relief by deleting the `` file, which resets the Activity Monitor’s preferences. However, this is a short-term solution, as the problem reoccurs upon accessing the Energy tab again.

Expert Recommendations

Experts recommend keeping your system up-to-date, as Apple may release patches to address such issues. If the problem persists, contacting Apple Support or visiting a Genius Bar for professional assistance would be advisable.


The Activity Monitor’s Energy tab issue is a frustrating hiccup for Mac users. While the exact cause remains to be officially addressed, the community’s shared experiences and temporary fixes provide some solace. It’s a reminder of the complexities within software updates and the importance of prompt support from developers to maintain a seamless user experience.

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