The Comprehensive File Format Arsenal of Konvertor FM


Could you inform me about the range of file formats that Konvertor FM is capable of handling?


, including those from various operating systems and platforms like PCs, Apple, Atari, Unix, and Commodore. It can display all associated metadata and any embedded album art image for formats such as APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, and more.

Video Files: When it comes to video, Konvertor FM can handle 155 different formats

. This includes not just standard video files but also animated GIFs and other animations from systems like Atari. It offers features like frame extraction and music/sound extraction from these video files.

Text Files: For text documents, Konvertor FM’s capabilities extend to 278 different formats

. It can display detailed lists and thumbnails for text files, and clicking on an icon displays the pages in the QuickView Editor.

Compressed Files: Managing compressed files is also within Konvertor FM’s wheelhouse, with support for 63 different formats

. The content of the compressed file can be displayed as thumbnails or as a tree in the QuickView Editor, providing a clear view of the file’s contents.

3D Files: Konvertor FM doesn’t stop at 2D; it also supports 63 different 3D formats

. These files can be displayed as thumbnails or in the Konvertor 3D Editor, and Konvertor uses OpenGL to render these 3D formats.

In summary, Konvertor FM is a powerful tool that can cater to nearly any file conversion need. Whether you’re dealing with audio, video, text, compressed, or 3D files, Konvertor FM’s broad compatibility ensures that you can manage and convert your files efficiently and effectively. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its wide-ranging support for various file types, makes it an essential utility for anyone who regularly works with different file formats.

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