The Clarity of News: HD Streaming on BBC News 24


Could you inform me if high-definition streaming is available for the BBC News 24 video feeds?


HD streaming is indeed available for BBC News 24 video feeds. The BBC has made considerable efforts to ensure that its content, including live news, is accessible in high-definition. This means that viewers can enjoy a clearer and more detailed picture, providing an enhanced viewing experience.

Accessing HD Content

To access HD content, viewers can utilize the BBC iPlayer, which offers live streaming of BBC News 24 in HD. The iPlayer platform automatically plays programmes in HD where possible, and users can adjust the video quality settings according to their preferences.

Regional News in HD

Furthermore, the BBC has extended HD offerings to include regional news, making it accessible online and aiming to offer it across all platforms. This initiative reflects the BBC’s commitment to delivering high-quality news coverage to a diverse audience.

Requirements for HD Streaming

It’s important to note that streaming in HD requires a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection. The BBC recommends an internet connection capable of 3.2Mbps playback, or 5Mbps for the best HD quality. This ensures smooth streaming without buffering interruptions.

Impact of HD on Devices

While most modern devices can handle HD playback, some older computers may struggle with the demands of high-definition content. In such cases, viewers may need to switch to standard definition (SD) to avoid playback issues.


In summary, BBC News 24 video feeds are available in high-definition, offering viewers the opportunity to watch news coverage with superior picture quality. Whether through live streaming or accessing archived content, the BBC provides a range of options to meet the needs of HD enthusiasts. As technology continues to advance, the BBC remains at the forefront, adapting its services to deliver news in the most visually impressive format available..

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