The challenges and opportunities of Microsoft updates for SysAdmins


Dear Microsoft, >
> As SysAdmins, we are concerned about the quality and reliability of the updates that Microsoft releases. We have encountered several issues with faulty product updates that have caused production servers to malfunction or stop working. Security updates are also becoming more urgent and time-sensitive, and we do not have the resources or the time to test them thoroughly before applying them. >
> We are paying customers who expect to receive products that work as intended. We are not willing to compromise our systems or our work by testing your products for you. >
> We kindly request that you improve your testing and quality assurance processes before releasing any updates to the public. We appreciate your cooperation and attention to this matter.


> Microsoft is aware of the feedback and frustration that some SysAdmins have expressed over the quality and reliability of the updates that the company releases. Microsoft values its customers and their trust, and is committed to delivering products that work as intended and meet their expectations. >
> Microsoft understands that SysAdmins have a critical role in maintaining the security and performance of their systems, and that faulty product updates can cause serious problems and disruptions. Microsoft also recognizes that security updates are becoming more important and urgent, as cyber threats and attacks are constantly evolving and increasing in sophistication and frequency. >
> Microsoft has a rigorous testing and quality assurance process for its updates, which involves multiple stages of verification, validation, and evaluation. Microsoft also works closely with its partners, vendors, and customers to gather feedback and address any issues or bugs that may arise. Microsoft strives to release updates that are stable, secure, and compatible with various devices and platforms. >
> However, Microsoft acknowledges that there is always room for improvement, and that some updates may still have unforeseen or unintended consequences. Microsoft is constantly working to enhance its testing and quality assurance process, by leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. Microsoft is also investing in more resources and personnel to monitor, analyze, and resolve any issues or incidents that may occur with its updates. >
> Microsoft appreciates the cooperation and patience of its customers, especially SysAdmins, who are vital to the success and security of their organizations. Microsoft encourages SysAdmins to share their feedback and suggestions, as well as report any problems or errors that they may encounter with the updates. Microsoft also provides various support channels and tools to help SysAdmins troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise. Microsoft is confident that by working together, it can deliver updates that are high-quality, reliable, and beneficial for its customers and their systems.

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