Streamlining System Monitoring on Windows 10 with Joel’s Systray Multitool


Could you confirm if Joel’s Systray Multitool is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system?


The installation process is straightforward, and once installed, the application adds customizable system tray icons that display real-time resource usage. Users can enable or disable specific icons depending on whether they want to track CPU usage, RAM usage, or the amount of available memory.


While the initial font color of the system tray icons is black, which may need adjustment for visibility on Windows 10, users have the option to change the text color to suit their preferences. However, it’s worth noting that the default font size is quite small, and currently, there is no option to change the font or its size.


Joel’s Systray Multitool serves its primary function well by providing a simple way to keep an eye on system performance without the need to open the Task Manager. It’s a handy tool for those who need to monitor their system’s resource usage at a glance.


In summary, Joel’s Systray Multitool works with Windows 10, offering basic but essential functionality for monitoring system resources. Its ease of use and customization options make it a practical addition to any Windows 10 user’s toolkit. Future updates may address the current limitations regarding font customization, enhancing its usability further.

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