Step-by-Step RAID Data Retrieval with DiskInternals VMFS Recovery


Could you guide me through the process of retrieving data from a RAID array that has failed, utilizing DiskInternals VMFS Recovery software?


Before attempting recovery, it’s important to understand the nature of the failure. Determine whether it’s a hardware issue with the drives or a logical failure within the RAID configuration.

Step 2: Secure the Environment

Ensure that no further changes are made to the RAID array. If possible, create images of the individual drives for a safer recovery process.

Step 3: Install DiskInternals VMFS Recovery

Download and install the latest version of DiskInternals VMFS Recovery on a Windows machine. Make sure the system meets the software’s requirements.

Step 4: Connect the Drives

Connect the RAID drives to your machine. If you’ve created drive images, you can mount these instead to prevent further hardware strain.

Step 5: Launch the Software

Open DiskInternals VMFS Recovery and allow it to scan for available drives. The software should recognize the RAID array and present it for recovery.

Step 6: Scan for Lost Data

Initiate a scan for lost or deleted files. This process can take some time, depending on the size and condition of the drives.

Step 7: Preview Recoverable Files

Once the scan is complete, browse through the recoverable files. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery provides a preview feature to verify the integrity of the files before recovery.

Step 8: Recover the Data

Select the files you wish to recover and choose a secure location to save them. It’s best to save the recovered data to an external drive or a different machine to avoid potential overwrites.

Step 9: Restore RAID Configuration (if needed)

After recovering the data, you can attempt to restore the RAID array’s configuration using the software’s RAID reconstruction feature.

Step 10: Backup and Preventive Measures

Finally, once the recovery is complete, take preventive measures by implementing a robust backup strategy to mitigate future data loss.

Remember, while DiskInternals VMFS Recovery is a powerful tool, the success of data recovery can depend on many factors, including the extent of the RAID failure and the steps taken immediately after the failure occurred. Always handle data recovery with care to avoid further data loss.

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