Sound of Silence: Unraveling the Surface Pro 9 Speaker Saga


Greetings, I recently acquired the latest Surface Pro 9 with an i7 processor and 16GB RAM. Shortly after purchase, I encountered intermittent popping and crackling from the speakers, particularly noticeable at the onset of sounds or during sound transitions. This issue is consistently reproducible, especially when adjusting the volume, initiating audio playback in games, streaming music, or activating the on-screen keyboard after a period of silence.

Despite extensive troubleshooting efforts—ranging from support consultations to hardware exchanges, driver adjustments, and various system settings modifications—the problem persists across multiple new devices. Additionally, the anomaly extends to both wired and wireless audio outputs.

Could you provide a definitive solution to this issue? Is it possible that this is a Windows 11-related bug, or have I experienced an extraordinary streak of defective units? The prevalence of this issue in a high-end device is perplexing, and I’m seeking expert advice on whether to retain the product despite the audio shortcomings.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.”


The Surface Pro 9, equipped with an i7 processor and 16GB RAM, stands as a testament to modern computing power. However, a number of users have reported a persistent audio issue characterized by popping and crackling sounds emanating from the device’s speakers. This problem seems to occur at the start of audio playback or during sound transitions, and is easily reproducible under various common scenarios such as volume adjustment or when audio is initiated by different applications.

The issue has been noted to persist even after rigorous troubleshooting, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Consulting support services
  • Exchanging hardware
  • Adjusting audio drivers
  • Modifying system settings
  • Moreover, the problem is not confined to the built-in speakers alone; it also affects both wired and wireless audio outputs.

    Given the extensive efforts to resolve the issue without success, one might wonder if this is indicative of a broader problem with the Windows 11 operating system or a series of defective units. It’s worth noting that similar issues have been reported by other Surface Pro 9 users, suggesting that this may not be an isolated incident.

Potential Solutions and Considerations


Check for System Updates

: Ensure that your Surface Pro 9 is up-to-date with the latest Windows updates, as these often contain fixes for known issues.


Audio Troubleshooting

: Utilize the built-in audio troubleshooters provided by Microsoft to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue.


Driver Management

: Consider updating or rolling back audio drivers, as driver incompatibility can often lead to audio issues.


External Factors

: Investigate any external factors that might be contributing to the issue, such as interference from other devices or network connections.


Contact Support

: If the issue persists, reaching out to Microsoft’s live support may provide further guidance or options for hardware replacement.

Is it a Windows 11 Bug?

While there have been reports of audio bugs in Windows 11, particularly with Realtek audio devices, it is not clear if these are directly related to the issues experienced by Surface Pro 9 users. It is possible that a specific update or system configuration could be causing compatibility issues leading to the described audio anomalies.

Final Thoughts

The decision to retain the Surface Pro 9 despite its audio issues is a personal one. While the device boasts impressive specifications and performance capabilities, the audio problem can significantly impact user experience. If the suggested solutions do not yield results, and if the issue is indeed a systemic one, it may be prudent to consider alternative devices or await a definitive fix from Microsoft.

In conclusion, while the Surface Pro 9’s audio issue is a cause for concern, it is recommended to exhaust all available solutions and seek assistance from Microsoft support before making a final decision on the device’s future in your tech arsenal.

Thank you for bringing this matter to light, and rest assured that the pursuit of a resolution is of utmost importance to ensure the optimal performance of your Surface Pro 9.

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