Solving the Mystery: Why Your Devices Disconnect from the Internet


“How can I resolve an issue where my PC and PS5 lose internet connectivity after a minute, despite being connected to the local network? I’ve attempted resetting the router, which temporarily restores the connection, but the problem persists with the error message ‘No internet connection – connected to local network’ appearing after troubleshooting.”


Experiencing a loss of internet connectivity on devices like PCs and PS5s, despite being connected to a local network, can be quite frustrating. This issue, where the connection drops after a short period even after resetting the router, is commonly reported by users. The persistent error message “No internet connection – connected to local network” indicates that while your devices are recognized by the router, they are unable to access the wider internet. Here’s how you can tackle this problem:

Start with the basics. Ensure that all cables are securely connected and that the modem and router are functioning properly. Sometimes, simply unplugging these devices for a few minutes can resolve temporary glitches.

2. Update Device Firmware:

Outdated firmware on your router can lead to connectivity issues. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates and follow their instructions to update your router’s firmware.

3. Network Settings:

On your PC, navigate to the network settings and ensure that the IP address is set to be obtained automatically. Incorrect IP settings can prevent internet access.

4. Device-Specific Troubleshooting:

For your PS5, check the network settings and test the internet connection through the console’s settings menu. Ensure that the PS5 software is up to date.

5. Interference Check:

Electronic devices and physical obstructions can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Try moving your router to a different location or switching to a wired connection if possible.

6. Contact ISP:

If the issue persists, there might be a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can check if there are outages or issues on their end that could be affecting your service.

7. Professional Help:

When all else fails, consider seeking professional help. A technician can diagnose and resolve issues that might be too complex for standard troubleshooting.

Remember, connectivity issues can stem from a variety of sources, from hardware malfunctions to software glitches. By methodically going through these steps, you can identify and resolve the issue, restoring your internet connection and getting back to your online activities.

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