Snap, Upload, Sell: A Photographer’s Guide to jAlbum


Is it possible to utilize jAlbum as a platform for commercializing my photography work?



Sign Up with Fotomoto:

The first step is to sign up with Fotomoto, which is free of charge.


Customize Your Selling Options:

With Fotomoto, you can customize every detail to your preference, including prices, products, sizes, paper types, and more. You can even create discount coupons for promotions.


Create and Upload Your Album:

After adding images to jAlbum, open the Settings window and enable the Fotomoto integration. Enter your Store ID and ensure right-click protection is on to prevent unauthorized downloads.


Watermark Your Images:

To protect your images further, you can apply watermarks. This won’t affect the final prints but will deter image theft.


Upload High-Resolution Images:

For fulfilling orders, you can give Fotomoto access to your high-resolution photos by uploading them to a designated folder on your site.

Benefits of Using jAlbum with Fotomoto:

  • Professional Printing:

    Fotomoto offers professional printing services and will deliver orders directly to your customers.

  • Wider Audience Reach:

    Your visitors can share images over eCards, Facebook, or other community sites, helping you reach a wider audience quickly.

  • Full Control:

    jAlbum gives you complete control over the appearance of your albums and the way they are presented for sale.

  • By following these steps, you can effectively use jAlbum as a platform to sell your photography work, turning your passion into profit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to make some extra income or a professional seeking a comprehensive sales solution, jAlbum and Fotomoto together provide a powerful combination to help you achieve your commercial goals. Remember to always protect your work and present it in the best possible way to attract potential buyers. Happy selling!

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