Simplify Your Tech: Crafting Custom Hotkeys for Bluetooth Devices


“As an expert, could you guide me on establishing a hotkey for swiftly connecting to a specific Bluetooth device? I frequently alternate between my phone and PC, and I’d like to expedite the connection process to my AirPods, which I use primarily with Windows 11. Although I possess a Logitech G915 TKL and a G502 Lightspeed, I haven’t been successful in locating a suitable command within the G Hub software. Currently, I rely on the ‘Win + A’ shortcut to access the quick settings menu; however, I’m curious if there’s a method to configure a macro or a dedicated hotkey for this purpose. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.”


Understanding the Changes in Windows 11

In Windows 10, the WIN + K shortcut was a convenient way to connect to paired Bluetooth devices. However, in Windows 11, this shortcut’s functionality has been limited to connecting to wireless displays, leaving Bluetooth device connection a bit more cumbersome.

Workarounds for Quick Bluetooth Connection

Here are some methods to quickly connect Bluetooth devices in Windows 11:

1. Quick Settings Method: The WIN + A shortcut opens the quick settings where you can access Bluetooth settings. Although it’s not a one-click solution, it’s the closest built-in option available without additional software.

2. Bluetooth Command Line Tools: For a more direct approach, you can use Bluetooth Command Line Tools. With this toolset, you can list all Bluetooth devices and create batch scripts with shortcuts to connect or disconnect individual devices that were previously paired. For example, to connect, you could use a command like `btcom -c -b [MAC address] -s110b` and to disconnect `btcom -r -b [MAC address] -s110b`.

3. Logitech G Hub: Although you mentioned not finding a suitable command within the G Hub software, it’s worth exploring if any updates or scripts could be added to support this functionality. Logitech’s software often receives updates that add features or improve compatibility.

4. Third-Party Software: Applications like AutoHotkey allow you to create custom scripts that can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts. You could write a script that opens the Bluetooth settings or even connects to a specific device if you have the technical know-how.

5. Customizing Logitech Hardware: If you have advanced Logitech peripherals, like certain mice or keyboards, they may support assigning actions to buttons through their software. This could potentially include opening Bluetooth settings or triggering a script created with AutoHotkey.


While Windows 11 has changed the way we connect to Bluetooth devices, with a bit of creativity and the use of third-party tools, it’s still possible to create a hotkey or macro to quickly connect to your AirPods. Remember to always ensure your devices’ software is up-to-date to take advantage of any new features or fixes that may facilitate this process.

Would you like a step-by-step guide on setting up a specific method, or do you need assistance with script writing for AutoHotkey? I’m here to help with further details if needed..

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