Server Sleuthing: Techniques to Detect and Trace Monero Mining Malware


We have detected a Monero mining service operating on our hypervisor server. Could you provide guidance on methods to determine the installation time and origin of this service?

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System Logs:

Check the system event logs for entries related to new service installations. For Windows servers, Service Control Manager event ID 7045 logs service installations.


Process Tracking:

Match the service to its corresponding process. The start time of a process can be determined using PowerShell’s Get-Process cmdlet or the WMI Win32_Process class.


Registry Keys:

Investigate the registry keys associated with the service in `HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services`. While creation dates are not stored, you may find a ‘Last Modified’ date that can give clues.

Tracing the Origin:


Network Monitoring:

Review network logs for any unusual outbound connections that could indicate where the mining service is sending data.


File System Analysis:

Examine the file system for recently modified files that could be related to the mining service installation.


Forensic Tools:

Utilize forensic tools to analyze the server’s disk and memory for artifacts that can reveal the origin of the service.

Preventive Measures:

  • Regular Audits:

    Conduct regular audits of your systems to check for unauthorized services or applications.

  • Access Controls:

    Ensure strict access controls are in place to prevent unauthorized changes to your servers.

  • Security Software:

    Use up-to-date security software to detect and prevent malicious activities.

  • In conclusion, a combination of system log analysis, process tracking, and forensic investigation can help you determine when and possibly where the Monero mining service was installed on your server. Implementing robust security measures will help prevent such incidents in the future. Stay vigilant and proactive in monitoring your systems to maintain their integrity and security.

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