Server Configuration Guide for Certify The Web Users


Could you detail the server specifications necessary to efficiently run Certify The Web?


: Certify The Web is built for Windows, so you’ll need a compatible version of Windows Server. It’s commonly installed on web servers or mail/webmail servers.

IIS (Internet Information Services)

: Since Certify The Web is often used to manage certificates for IIS, having your IIS setup correctly with hostname bindings is crucial. This will allow Certify The Web to automatically apply SSL/TLS certificates to your sites.


: For some advanced features and custom scripting, PowerShell can be utilized, so ensure it’s installed and updated.

.NET Framework

: Certify The Web requires the .NET Framework, so check that you have the latest version installed that’s compatible with your Windows Server.

Hardware Resources

: While the official documentation doesn’t specify exact hardware requirements, ensure your server has enough resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) to handle the encryption and decryption processes involved in managing SSL/TLS certificates without affecting the performance of other services running on the server.

Network Configuration

: Proper network configuration is essential. Ensure that ports 80 and 443 are open and accessible from the internet if you’re using HTTP validation for your domains.

DNS Access

: If you’re using DNS validation, especially for wildcard certificates, you’ll need access to your DNS provider’s API to automate the validation process.

Email Address

: An operational email address is necessary to register with the Certificate Authority for validation and issuance of certificates.

By meeting these specifications, you can ensure that Certify The Web runs smoothly on your server, providing a hassle-free experience in managing your SSL/TLS certificates. Remember, the community edition of Certify The Web manages up to 5 certificates per server for free, with community support. For managing more certificates and accessing professional support, a license key is required.

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