Securing Your Emails: The Benefits of Upgrading to zebNet Backup Professional for Thunderbird


Could you inform me if a professional edition of the zebNet Backup tool for Thunderbird exists, offering advanced features beyond the free version?


  • KI-driven backup solution

    : Utilizes intelligent technology for efficient and reliable backups.

  • Fast and reliable backup and recovery

    : Ensures quick backups and swift restoration of your data.

  • One-Click-Backup facility

    : Simplifies the backup process with a single click operation.

  • Advanced features

    : Includes encryption, validation, and splitting of backup files for enhanced security and management.

  • Unlimited backup reserve copies

    : Allows you to store backups in local, network, or remote destinations without any limitation on the number of reserve copies.

  • Scheduled backups

    : Enables regular backups on a set schedule, ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

  • Continuous data protection (CDP)

    : Offers real-time backup every time you close Thunderbird, so no data is ever lost.

  • Data migration

    : Facilitates easy transfer of your Thunderbird data between different computers.

  • Support for portable editions

    : Works with portable versions of Mozilla Thunderbird, providing flexibility in how you use the email client.

  • The professional edition of zebNet Backup for Thunderbird is a robust solution for users who require more than just the basic backup functionalities. It’s designed to provide peace of mind through its advanced features, ensuring that your Thunderbird data is secure and easily recoverable in the event of data loss.

    For those who rely heavily on Thunderbird for their email communications, investing in the professional edition of zebNet Backup can be a wise decision. It not only offers advanced features but also the reliability that comes with a product that has a long tradition of serving users’ backup needs.

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