Secure Your SSD Upgrade: Innovative Fixes for the Dell G15 Bracket Dilemma


“As an expert, could you advise if it’s possible to secure an SSD in a Dell G15 laptop without using a mounting bracket? Additionally, are there any DIY solutions for fabricating a bracket if one is necessary?”


When upgrading your Dell G15 laptop with an additional SSD, you may find yourself without the necessary mounting bracket. This raises the question: is it possible to secure the SSD without this bracket, and if not, what DIY solutions exist for creating one?

The primary function of a mounting bracket is to secure the SSD firmly in place, ensuring proper connection with the motherboard and preventing movement that could lead to disconnection or damage. Some users have reported successfully installing an SSD without a bracket by using non-conductive, double-sided tape. This method is not recommended by manufacturers as it may not provide the same level of security and could potentially lead to overheating issues due to the lack of a proper heat sink.

DIY Bracket Solutions:

For those who are handy and have access to basic tools, creating a DIY SSD bracket is a feasible solution. There are tutorials available online that guide you through the process of making a simple bracket using materials such as acrylic or metal sheets. The key is to ensure that the bracket is non-conductive, fits the SSD snugly, and can be securely attached to the laptop’s chassis.

Purchasing a Bracket:

If DIY is not an option, brackets can be purchased from online retailers. Users have found compatible brackets on platforms like eBay and Amazon. It’s important to ensure that the bracket is designed for the specific model of your laptop to guarantee a proper fit.


While it is technically possible to mount an SSD without a bracket, it is not advisable due to potential risks. For a secure and reliable installation, using a mounting bracket is recommended. If one is not available, a DIY solution can be a temporary fix, but purchasing a compatible bracket is the best long-term solution.

Remember, when handling internal components of your laptop, always follow proper safety precautions to avoid damage to your device or injury to yourself.

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