Samsung YP-C1 Connection Guide: Selecting the Right USB Cable


Could you advise on the appropriate USB cable required for establishing a connection with the Samsung YP-C1 MP3 player? Despite attempting various USB cables, including mini and micro, none seem to fit the device’s port. For reference, the user manual can be found [here], and a photo of the player’s USB port is available [here].


If you’re struggling to find a USB cable that fits your Samsung YP-C1 MP3 player, you’re not alone. This device, which supports USB 2.0 connectivity, may require a specific type of USB cable that isn’t as common as the mini or micro USB cables many of us have lying around.

Understanding the Samsung YP-C1’s USB Cable Needs

The Samsung YP-C1 MP3 player is designed to connect to your computer or charger using a USB 2.0 connection. However, the physical connector required by the YP-C1 is likely different from the standard USB cables available today.

Identifying the Correct Cable

To ensure you get the correct USB cable for your Samsung YP-C1, you should:

  • Consult the User Manual

    : The manual typically lists the specifications of the required cable, including the type of USB connector.

  • Examine the Device’s Port

    : Compare the port on the device to various USB cable types to determine the best fit.

  • Contact Samsung Support

    : If the manual is not available, Samsung’s customer service can provide information on the required cable.

  • Search Online

    : Use the model number of your MP3 player to search for the cable on e-commerce platforms.

  • Proprietary Connectors

    It’s possible that the Samsung YP-C1 uses a proprietary connector, which means the cable could be unique to Samsung or to that particular model of MP3 player. If this is the case, you might need to purchase the cable directly from Samsung or a certified retailer.


    Finding the right USB cable for your Samsung YP-C1 MP3 player is essential for proper functionality and device longevity. By consulting the user manual, examining the device’s port, contacting Samsung support, or searching online, you can find the appropriate cable to connect your MP3 player successfully.

    I hope this article helps you in finding the right USB cable for your Samsung YP-C1 MP3 player. If you need further assistance, Samsung’s customer support is a valuable resource for additional information.

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