Runes Revealed: A Journey Through Celtic Symbolism


Could you guide me through the process of deciphering the meanings of Celtic Rune symbols?


Celtic Runes, part of an ancient writing system, were used primarily by the Germanic and Norse peoples, including the Celts. Each rune symbolizes a sound and carries its own meaning, often connected to nature, life, and the universe.

The Elder Futhark:

The most common rune set is the Elder Futhark, consisting of 24 symbols. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with each rune’s name, appearance, and associated meaning.

Interpreting Rune Meanings:


Fehu (Cattle):

Represents wealth, abundance, and material success.


Uruz (Aurochs):

Symbolizes strength, health, and vitality.


Thurisaz (Giant):

Associated with defense and protection against adversaries.


Ansuz (Aesir God):

Connected to communication, wisdom, and divine messages.


Raidho (Chariot):

Denotes movement, progress, and journey.

…and so on for each of the 24 runes.

Rune Readings:

To perform a reading, runes are typically cast or drawn from a bag. The layout and the orientation (upright or reversed) influence the interpretation. For example, an upright Fehu may suggest incoming prosperity, while a reversed Fehu could warn of financial trouble.

Contextual Interpretation:

The meaning of a rune can change depending on the question asked and the runes surrounding it. It’s important to consider the interplay between the runes and the situation at hand.

Intuition and Study:

While there are traditional meanings associated with each rune, interpreting them also involves your intuition. The more you study and work with the runes, the more attuned you’ll become to their nuances.

Resources and Practice:

Consult various resources, like rune dictionaries and historical texts, to deepen your understanding. Practice regularly by doing readings for yourself or friends.

Remember, the key to deciphering Celtic Runes is a blend of knowledge, intuition, and experience. With time and practice, you’ll be able to unlock the messages held within these powerful symbols.

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