Restoring Order: Emsisoft’s Solution for Ziggy-Encrypted Excel Documents


Could an expert clarify whether the Emsisoft Decryptor for Ziggy is capable of restoring Excel files that have been compromised by encryption?


The Ziggy ransomware encrypts files using a combination of RSA-4096 and AES-256 GCM algorithms, adding a unique extension to the compromised files. The Emsisoft Decryptor leverages the decryption keys released by the ransomware developers to reverse the encryption.

Restoring Excel Files

Excel files, like any other data encrypted by Ziggy ransomware, can potentially be restored by the Emsisoft Decryptor. The process involves running the decryptor with administrative privileges, agreeing to the license terms, and then selecting the encrypted Excel file for decryption. The tool will attempt to reconstruct the encryption details and proceed with the recovery process.

Success Rate and Limitations

The success rate for decrypting Excel files, or any files for that matter, can vary. If the ransomware version matches the one for which the decryptor was designed, and if the encryption has not been tampered with by third-party software, the chances of successful decryption are high. However, newer versions of the ransomware or files damaged by other means may not be recoverable.


In summary, the Emsisoft Decryptor for Ziggy does have the capability to recover encrypted Excel files, provided that the conditions are favorable for decryption. It’s important for users to follow the instructions carefully and understand that while the tool offers a solution, it may not work in all scenarios. For detailed guidance, users can refer to the official documentation provided by Emsisoft.

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