Renaming Yourself: How to Update Your Nickname on Digital Assistants and Services


How can I update my nickname from “big papa” to my actual name on my phone’s assistant and other linked services, as it’s currently displaying this nickname in my remind group?


If you’re finding that your phone’s assistant is affectionately calling you “big papa” and it’s showing up in your remind group, it’s time to reclaim your identity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to updating your nickname across your phone’s assistant and other linked services:


Access Your Assistant’s Settings:

  • Open your phone’s assistant app.
  • Navigate to the settings or personal info section.
  • Look for a field named ‘Nickname’, ‘Pet name’, or something similar.
  • 2.

Change the Nickname:

  • Tap on the nickname field.
  • Edit the nickname to your preferred name.
  • Confirm the change and exit the settings.
  • 3.

Check Linked Services:

  • Open the settings of each service linked with your assistant (like your remind group).
  • Verify if the nickname has synced. If not, manually update it in the service’s profile or settings section.
  • 4.

Sync Across Devices:

  • If you use multiple devices, ensure the change is reflected across all of them.
  • This might require you to repeat the process on each device or confirm the sync in your assistant’s app settings.
  • 5.

Test the Update:

  • Activate your assistant and check if it now calls you by your actual name.
  • Send a test message in your remind group to see if your real name appears.
  • By following these steps, you should be able to update your nickname and ensure that “big papa” is a thing of the past. Remember, your digital identity is an extension of you, so keep it consistent and true to who you are.

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hope this helps you navigate the process smoothly and regain control over how your digital presence is addressed!

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