Pixel 6 Pro MMS Issues: Seeking Solutions and Shared Experiences


Greetings! I’ve recently upgraded from a Pixel 3 XL to a Pixel 6 Pro and I’m facing intermittent issues with MMS messaging. Occasionally, MMS works without a hitch, but more often, I encounter difficulties both in sending and receiving messages. For incoming MMS, I receive a notification, yet the message fails to display, perpetually loading. Outgoing MMS either persistently loads without sending or indicates a failure to send.

I’ve taken several troubleshooting steps without success, including consulting with my carrier, T-Mobile, clearing the storage and cache of the Messages app, acquiring a new SIM card, and multiple restarts of both the Messages app and the device. I’ve also attempted to use different network connections, such as T-Mobile’s service and Wi-Fi, and even tried accessing MMS through the online Messages app on my computer, which only works sporadically following a device restart.

I’m eager to learn if others have encountered similar issues and how they’ve resolved them. It would be particularly helpful to determine whether this is an issue specific to the Pixel series or related to T-Mobile’s services. Any guidance or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!”


The transition from a Pixel 3 XL to a Pixel 6 Pro should be a seamless experience, enhancing your mobile capabilities. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter technical hiccups, such as issues with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) that you’ve described. Let’s delve into the potential causes and solutions for these intermittent MMS problems.

Understanding the Issue

MMS issues can stem from various sources, ranging from network problems to software glitches. The symptoms you’ve outlined—notifications without content and messages that fail to send—are indicative of deeper communication protocol issues.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken

You’ve already performed an extensive list of troubleshooting steps:

  • Consulting with T-Mobile
  • Clearing the Messages app’s storage and cache
  • Replacing the SIM card
  • Restarting the Messages app and the phone
  • Switching between T-Mobile network and Wi-Fi
  • Accessing MMS via the online Messages app
  • Despite these efforts, the problem persists, suggesting that the issue may not be straightforward.

Potential Solutions

Here are some additional steps you might consider:


Check for System Updates

: Ensure your Pixel 6 Pro is running the latest software version. Updates often contain fixes for common issues.


Inspect APN Settings

: Incorrect Access Point Name (APN) settings can disrupt MMS functionality. Verify these settings with T-Mobile to ensure they’re correct for your device.


Try a Different Messaging App

: Sometimes, the default Messages app might be the problem. Try using an alternative app to see if MMS works consistently.


Factory Reset

: As a last resort, back up your data and perform a factory reset. This can resolve issues caused by deeper software problems.

Seeking Community Input

It’s also beneficial to reach out to the community. Forums like Reddit, XDA Developers, or Google’s support forums can provide insights from other users who might have faced similar issues.

Determining the Root Cause

To ascertain whether this is a Pixel-specific or T-Mobile-related issue, consider these points:

  • Device-Specific

    : If other T-Mobile users with different devices aren’t facing this issue, it might be a Pixel 6 Pro problem.

  • Carrier-Specific

    : Conversely, if other users on different networks with the same phone don’t have this problem, it could be related to T-Mobile’s services.

  • Conclusion

    Persistent MMS issues can be frustrating, but with methodical troubleshooting and community support, a resolution is often attainable. By exploring the solutions above and seeking experiences from other users, you can better pinpoint the cause and find an effective fix for your MMS messaging woes on the Pixel 6 Pro. Remember, technology is there to serve us, and with a little patience and persistence, most issues can be overcome.

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