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Could you recommend any batch file renaming tools that are available at no cost?


: This is a straightforward, open-source application that allows you to rename files as if you were editing a text file.


: Available for Windows, this tool offers a user-friendly interface and supports regular expressions.


: It’s known for its simplicity and functionality, making it a great choice for quick renaming tasks.

Personal Renamer

: Offers easy file renaming with a simple interface.

Free File Renamer

: As the name suggests, it’s a free tool that provides basic renaming capabilities.


: Specifically designed for Windows, this tool is for those who are comfortable with using regular expressions for renaming.

Bulk File Rename

: Another Windows-specific tool that is powerful yet easy to use, especially for large folders.

NB Renamer

: A lightweight and efficient renaming tool.

Rename Master

: This tool comes with a variety of options to handle complex renaming tasks.

Bulk Rename Utility

: Highly popular and robust, this utility offers a plethora of features for comprehensive renaming needs.

Ant Renamer

: It is user-friendly and supports a wide range of renaming operations.

Advanced Renamer

: Known for its advanced features, this tool is suitable for more complex renaming tasks.

ReNamer Lite

: Offers a balance between simplicity and advanced features.

File Renamer Turbo

: This tool allows for quick renaming and supports tag-based renaming for media files.

Flexible Renamer

: A versatile tool that caters to various renaming requirements.

These tools are not only free but also rich in features to cater to different renaming needs. Whether you need to rename files in bulk, add date stamps, or use complex expressions, there’s a tool on this list that can help you accomplish your task efficiently and effectively. Remember to always back up your files before performing batch operations, just to be safe. Happy renaming!

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