Opera Browser’s Hidden Feature: How to Conduct a Reverse Image Search


Could you guide me through the process of conducting a reverse image search using the Opera browser?


Opera doesn’t have a built-in reverse image search function, but you can easily add this feature by installing an extension. The “Search by Image” extension is a popular choice that supports over 30 search engines.

2. Choose Your Search Engine:

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can select your preferred search engine from the options. Google Images, Bing Image Search, and Yandex Images are some of the commonly used search engines for this purpose.

3. Perform the Search:

To search, simply right-click on an image on the web or upload an image from your device. If you’re using an image from the web, you can also copy and paste the image’s URL into the search bar of the extension.

4. Analyze the Results:

After submitting your image, the search engine will display results that include visually similar images, different sizes of the same image, and pages where the image appears. Review these results to find the information you need.

5. Refine Your Search if Necessary:

If the initial search doesn’t yield the desired results, consider refining your search by using different keywords or search engines to compare results.

By following these steps, you can effectively use reverse image search to explore the digital world through the Opera browser. Whether you’re a journalist, researcher, or just curious, this tool can provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Happy searching!

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