ONN Groove Speaker Tips: Overriding the Auto Shut-off Function


How can the auto shut-off feature be disabled on the ONN Groove Large Party Speaker Gen. 2 to prevent it from powering down during use, particularly when it’s only being used with a microphone input and not connected via Bluetooth?


The ONN Groove Large Party Speaker Gen. 2 is designed with an auto shut-off feature to conserve power when not in active use. However, this feature can be inconvenient during events like family karaoke, where the speaker might turn off unexpectedly if it doesn’t detect a signal from a Bluetooth connection.

To disable the auto shut-off feature, you can try the following steps:

: First, consult the speaker’s manual for any instructions on disabling the auto shut-off feature. Manufacturers often include such options in the settings menu of the device.


Persistent Audio Signal

: If the manual doesn’t provide a solution, ensure there’s a persistent audio signal. Since the speaker is designed to shut off when no signal is detected, having a continuous, albeit silent, audio feed can prevent this.


Firmware Update

: Check if there’s a firmware update available for your speaker. Sometimes manufacturers release updates that allow more control over such features.


Contact Customer Support

: If the above steps don’t work, reaching out to ONN customer support can provide specific guidance for your model.


Third-Party Solutions

: There are third-party devices that can create a silent audio signal to keep the speaker from shutting off. These can be plugged into the audio input and may solve the issue.

Remember, while these steps can help keep your speaker on, they might also affect your speaker’s longevity by preventing it from conserving power as intended. Always consider the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the continued performance and safety of your device. If you’re unable to find a solution, it might be worth considering a speaker with a configurable auto shut-off feature to better suit your needs.

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