Norton’s 15% Stake in Your Idle Time: The New Crypto Mining Feature


Could you provide an expert analysis on Norton’s new cryptocurrency mining feature which automatically installs on PCs meeting certain criteria, operates during idle times, and involves Norton taking a 15% commission?


In recent years, the intersection of cybersecurity and cryptocurrency has become increasingly prominent. One of the most notable developments in this space is Norton’s introduction of a cryptocurrency mining feature within its Norton 360 product suite. This feature, known as Norton Crypto, allows users to mine Ethereum during their PC’s idle time. However, it has raised questions about its implications for both users and the company.

Understanding Norton Crypto

Norton Crypto is designed to leverage the unused processing power of a user’s computer to mine Ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency. The feature is automatically available on PCs that meet specific system requirements and is operational only during periods when the computer is idle. Norton has positioned this feature as a safe and easy way for its users to enter the cryptocurrency mining space without the risks associated with disabling device security or trusting unverified software.

The Economics of Norton Crypto

One of the most discussed aspects of Norton Crypto is the company’s decision to take a 15% cut of the mined cryptocurrency. This commission is a significant source of revenue for Norton, considering the scale of its user base. It also reflects a shift in Norton’s business model, from solely providing security solutions to exploring new streams of income through innovative features like cryptocurrency mining.

Security Concerns and User Autonomy

While Norton assures that the mining feature is opt-in and users have full control over its activation, there have been concerns about the potential security risks. Critics argue that integrating cryptocurrency mining into a security product could lead to conflicts of interest, where the company’s profit motives may overshadow its commitment to user security.

The Future of Norton Crypto

The future of Norton Crypto is uncertain, especially with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations and the technical shifts in mining processes, such as Ethereum’s transition to a Proof-of-Stake model. This transition will render traditional GPU-based mining obsolete, prompting Norton to disable the mining feature. However, the company has expressed interest in exploring other cryptocurrencies for mining, indicating that Norton Crypto may adapt and continue in some form.


Norton’s foray into cryptocurrency mining with Norton Crypto represents a bold move to diversify its offerings and provide additional value to its users. While it has the potential to democratize access to cryptocurrency mining, it also poses questions about security and the long-term viability of such a feature within a cybersecurity product. As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, it will be interesting to observe how Norton navigates these challenges and evolves its Crypto feature.

This analysis aims to provide a balanced view of Norton’s cryptocurrency mining feature, considering both its potential benefits and the concerns it raises. As with any new technology integration, it is crucial for users to stay informed and exercise their discretion when opting into such features.

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