No More Glow: Disabling RGB on Corsair Fans Without ICUE


How can I disable the RGB lighting on my Corsair fans when the ICUE software does not recognize the fan controller, considering that my PC was custom-built by Origin, I regularly update my software, and I restart my computer every 2 to 3 days? The illumination is disruptive during overnight simulations.


Dealing with unresponsive RGB lighting on your Corsair fans can be frustrating, especially when the glow interferes with your work or rest. If you’re facing issues with the ICUE software not recognizing the fan controller, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you turn off the RGB lighting.

Before diving into software solutions, ensure that all physical connections are secure. This includes checking the USB headers on the motherboard and the power cables to the fan hub.

Step 2: Restart the ICUE Software

Sometimes, a simple restart of the ICUE software can resolve detection issues. Close the program and end all related processes in the Task Manager before reopening it.

Step 3: Update the Firmware

Ensure that your fan controller’s firmware is up to date. You can check for firmware updates within the ICUE software under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 4: Rearrange the Fans on the Hub

If the fans are not arranged in sequential order on the hub, the software may fail to detect them correctly. Rearrange the fans to match the order in the hub’s configuration.

Step 5: Disable Unwanted Integrations

In some cases, disabling plugins and software integrations within the ICUE settings can prevent unwanted lighting changes.

Step 6: Manually Add Fans in ICUE

If the fans are still not detected, try adding them manually in the ICUE software. Navigate to the lighting setup and select the appropriate product or fan type.

Step 7: Use Hardware Lighting Settings

As a last resort, you can configure the ‘Hardware Lighting’ settings in ICUE. This will control the lighting when the software is not running. Set the lighting to ‘Static Color’ and choose black or turn off the LEDs.


By following these steps, you should be able to disable the RGB lighting on your Corsair fans. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Corsair’s customer support for further assistance. Remember, a peaceful work environment is crucial for productivity, and managing your PC’s lighting should contribute to that tranquility. Good luck!

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