Navigating the Unexpected: GoDaddy’s SSL Certificate Challenges


“Have there been any recent reports of GoDaddy certificates unexpectedly being recognized as invalid?”


In the digital security landscape, SSL certificates are crucial for establishing trust and encrypting data between web servers and browsers. Recently, concerns have emerged regarding GoDaddy’s SSL certificates being marked as invalid without prior warning. This article aims to address these concerns by examining recent reports and GoDaddy’s official advisories.

A number of GoDaddy customers have reported that their SSL certificates have been unexpectedly recognized as invalid. This sudden invalidation can cause browsers to mark websites as insecure, which can deter visitors and disrupt business operations.

GoDaddy’s Response

GoDaddy has acknowledged the problem and provided a series of steps for users to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. These steps include:

  • Checking HTTPS redirect settings to ensure proper configuration.
  • Rekeying the certificate to generate a new private key and certificate.
  • Binding the renewed certificate to the website to ensure it is recognized.
  • Testing the SSL configuration with GoDaddy’s tools to identify and fix issues.
  • Contacting GoDaddy support for reissuance if the problem persists.

Notable Changes and Considerations

It’s important to note that as of June 1, 2021, GoDaddy has ceased the issuance and renewal of Code Signing or Driver Signing Certificates. For users with existing certificates of this nature, rekeying is no longer an option, and they will remain valid until their expiration date.


The recent reports of GoDaddy certificates being unexpectedly invalidated have raised concerns among users. By following GoDaddy’s recommended steps and keeping abreast of their policy changes, users can navigate these issues and maintain the security and integrity of their websites. For the most current status and any ongoing issues, users should refer to GoDaddy’s official status page and support channels..

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