Navigating Internet Options: Should You Go Wired or Try Utility Warehouse’s Eero?


On the other hand, considering a wireless solution, my ISP, Utility Warehouse, offers Amazon Eero extenders at a rate of £2.50 per device monthly. Could you provide your professional opinion on the efficacy of this wireless option compared to a wired setup?

Thank you for your assistance.”


The Eero 6, Amazon’s entry-level mesh system, is praised for its affordability and ease of setup, making it a popular choice for extending Wi-Fi coverage. It supports Wi-Fi 6, which is faster and more efficient than previous standards, and is designed to cover homes up to 5,000 sq.ft when used as a system. However, it’s important to note that the Eero 6 creates a single merged network and requires a subscription for advanced features like parental controls and security. The Eero 6 Plus, a slightly more advanced model, offers improved performance with support for 160MHz channel width and is capable of delivering gigabit speeds, which could be beneficial for a garden office setup.

Wired Connectivity: The Reliable Alternative

On the other hand, a wired Ethernet connection is generally faster, more reliable, and has lower latency compared to wireless connections. This is particularly important for activities that demand consistent performance, such as video conferencing or large file transfers. Wired connections are not subject to the same interference issues that can affect wireless networks, ensuring a stable connection that is not prone to fluctuations in speed or reliability.

Professional Opinion on Efficacy

In a professional capacity, the decision between wired and wireless connectivity should be based on the specific needs of the garden office. If the office requires the utmost reliability and performance, and if the infrastructure allows, a wired connection would be the preferred choice. However, if flexibility and ease of installation are priorities, and if the garden office’s internet demands are moderate, the Amazon Eero extenders offer a convenient and cost-effective solution.

In conclusion, while the Eero extenders provide a user-friendly wireless option that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards, a wired connection remains the gold standard for stability and performance. The choice ultimately hinges on the balance between convenience and the performance demands of the garden office. For those who prioritize a seamless and robust internet experience, investing in a wired setup might be the more prudent long-term solution.

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