Navigating Bluetooth Connectivity: Tips for Listening to Multiple Devices Simultaneously


“Is it possible to simultaneously receive audio from two different Bluetooth-connected devices? For instance, when I connect my headset to both my computer and phone, the audio from the computer ceases as soon as I start playing music on the phone. How can I continue to hear sounds from the computer while also listening to music from the phone?”


Can You Listen to Two Bluetooth Devices at Once?

In the realm of wireless audio, Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we connect to our devices. However, users often encounter a common dilemma: is it possible to listen to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth? This question arises particularly when one attempts to connect a headset to both a computer and a phone, only to find that the audio from one source is interrupted by the other.

The Challenge:

Bluetooth traditionally supports a one-to-one connection between devices. When you pair a headset with your computer and phone, the headset typically prioritizes the most recent audio stream. This means if you’re listening to audio from your computer and then start playing music on your phone, the headset will switch to the phone’s audio, silencing the computer.

The Solution:

To overcome this limitation, you need a headset that supports a feature known as Multipoint Bluetooth. This technology allows a single headset to maintain active connections with two or more devices simultaneously. With a Multipoint-enabled headset, you can listen to music from your phone and still hear notifications or other audio from your computer.

How It Works:

Multipoint Bluetooth headsets can connect to multiple sources and manage audio inputs effectively. When a call comes in on your phone, the headset can pause or lower the volume of the computer’s audio, allowing you to answer the call. Once the call ends, the audio from the computer resumes.

Finding the Right Headset:

When shopping for a headset, look for specifications that mention Multipoint or dual connectivity. Brands like Plantronics, Jabra, and Bose offer models with this capability. Ensure that the product description explicitly states the support for connecting to multiple devices.

Setting It Up:

Pairing a Multipoint Bluetooth headset with your devices involves a few extra steps compared to a standard Bluetooth device. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best way to pair your specific model with multiple devices.


In conclusion, while standard Bluetooth headsets won’t allow simultaneous audio from two different devices, investing in a Multipoint Bluetooth headset will enable you to seamlessly switch between your computer and phone audio without missing a beat. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to stay connected to multiple devices or for anyone who wants the convenience of managing audio from different sources without constantly re-pairing their headset.

Remember, technology is always advancing, and the capabilities of Bluetooth are continually expanding. Keep an eye out for the latest developments to enhance your wireless audio experience.

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