Navigating Automated Responses: Is Google Listening In?


Could you explain why, when I called my wife’s Google phone, an automated response from the Google virtual assistant was initiated, mentioning a recorded line and then breaking up with a series of sixes before my wife came on the line? Is it possible that Google is recording our personal calls, and if so, how could this occur?


When you called your wife’s Google phone, you encountered an automated response from the Google virtual assistant. This can be a surprising experience, especially when unexpected messages or interruptions occur during the call. Let’s explore what might have happened and address your concerns about call recording.

Automated Responses from Google Virtual Assistant

Google’s virtual assistant offers a call screening feature that can be activated on Google phones. This feature allows the assistant to answer calls on behalf of the user, asking the caller to state their name and the reason for calling. The user can then decide whether to pick up the call based on this information. It’s possible that this feature was enabled on your wife’s phone, leading to the automated response you heard.

The “break up” followed by a series of sixes could be due to a technical glitch or a poor connection, causing the message to be interrupted or garbled. This isn’t a standard part of the assistant’s response and is likely an anomaly.

Is Google Recording Your Personal Calls?

Concerning the recording of calls, Google does not record phone conversations unless specifically requested to do so by the user. There are features within the Google Phone app that allow users to record calls from unknown numbers or selected contacts, but these are opt-in features that require user activation. Additionally, in regions where call recording is supported, all participants in the call are notified when recording starts and stops, ensuring transparency and consent.

In conclusion, the automated response you encountered is part of Google’s call screening feature, and the unusual message was likely a technical issue. As for call recording, Google provides the functionality, but it is not enabled by default and requires explicit user action and consent. Rest assured, your personal calls are not being recorded without your knowledge.

I hope this article provides clarity on the features of Google’s virtual assistant and the call recording capabilities within Google phones. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to ask!

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