Migrating with Confidence: FmPro Migrator’s Support for the Latest FileMaker Evolution


“Could you advise on the compatibility of FmPro Migrator with the most recent iteration of FileMaker?”


When it comes to migrating databases, one of the key concerns is ensuring that the tools you use are compatible with the latest versions of your database software. FmPro Migrator is a popular solution for migrating and converting databases to and from FileMaker, but with the constant updates in FileMaker versions, it’s crucial to know if FmPro Migrator keeps up.

Recent Updates and Support

FmPro Migrator has been consistently updated to support newer versions of FileMaker. The Developer Edition 9.14 of FmPro Migrator added compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur and FileMaker Pro 19.1. This update not only expanded its compatibility range but also improved the performance of creating layouts significantly, which is a testament to the developers’ commitment to maintaining the tool’s relevance and efficiency.

Migration Capabilities

FmPro Migrator is designed to handle migrations from various databases to FileMaker, supporting a wide range of versions, including the latest releases. It provides a direct ODBC connection for data migration, eliminating errors and limitations associated with CSV exports. This ensures a smoother and more reliable migration process, which is essential when working with the latest FileMaker versions.

FileMaker Pro 20 Support

The tool’s support extends to FileMaker Pro 20 on macOS, utilizing AppleScript automation features for Access to FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Table Consolidation projects. This inclusion indicates that FmPro Migrator is not only compatible but also optimized for the latest FileMaker iteration, allowing users to migrate their databases with confidence.


In conclusion, FmPro Migrator maintains compatibility with the most recent versions of FileMaker, including FileMaker Pro 20. Its developers are diligent in providing updates to ensure that users can continue to rely on FmPro Migrator for their database migration needs. With its robust features and consistent support for new FileMaker versions, FmPro Migrator remains a valuable tool for database administrators and developers alike.

For those looking to migrate databases to the latest version of FileMaker, FmPro Migrator appears to be a reliable and up-to-date solution that can facilitate a smooth transition.

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