Mastering VX Search: Implementing Text File Exclusions for Better Results


Is it possible to configure VX Search Enterprise to omit certain directories from searches by importing a list from a text file?


To streamline the search process, VX Search Enterprise enables users to exclude directories by importing a list from a text file. This feature is handy for recurring searches where certain directories are consistently irrelevant or for privacy reasons where specific folders contain sensitive information that should not be included in search results.

How to Configure:

The configuration process is straightforward:

1. Prepare a text file with the full paths of the directories you wish to exclude.

2. Open VX Search Enterprise and navigate to the ‘Options’ menu.

3. Select ‘Rules’ and then ‘Exclude Directories’.

4. Use the ‘Import’ function to select and upload your text file.

Once imported, VX Search Enterprise will automatically apply these exclusions to all future searches, unless the settings are changed. This not only saves time but also ensures that search results are more relevant and manageable.


  • Efficiency

    : By excluding known irrelevant directories, you can speed up the search process.

  • Relevance

    : It helps in obtaining a more focused set of results by removing unnecessary data.

  • Customization

    : Users have the control to customize searches to their exact requirements.

  • In conclusion, VX Search Enterprise’s ability to exclude directories via a text file import is a testament to its user-centric design, offering a high degree of customization and efficiency for professional users who require precise search capabilities.

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