“Mastering User Management in RelayFax Server”


What is the procedure for registering new users on the RelayFax Server platform?


RelayFax Server is a robust tool that streamlines the process of managing network fax traffic by integrating with existing email systems. When it comes to adding new users to the RelayFax Server, the procedure is straightforward and can be automated for efficiency.

Automated User Account Addition

For businesses seeking to automate the process, RelayFax offers a feature that automatically adds user accounts when a fax is received from a new email address. Here’s how to enable this feature:

1. Open the RelayFax menu and select ‘Accounts’.

2. Choose ‘Account Manager’.

3. Enable the option ‘Automatically Add Accounts When First Fax From Them Is Received’.

4. If you wish to restrict this to MDaemon users only, select ‘Only Automatically add my MDaemon users’.

5. Confirm by clicking ‘OK’.


: This feature is active for the first 60 days after RelayFax Server installation. Post this period, it is disabled unless you have an unlimited license size.

Manual User Account Addition

If you prefer to manually add users or need to do so after the initial 60 days, follow these steps:

1. Access the RelayFax menu and navigate to ‘Accounts’.

2. Go to ‘Account Manager’.

3. Manually enter the email addresses you wish to grant permission to use your RelayFax Server.

4. Set up the necessary permissions and configurations for each user.

Security Consideration

While the automatic addition feature is convenient, it’s important to consider security implications. RelayFax will accept messages from any sender until the maximum number of accounts is reached. To maintain control over permissions, it’s advisable to disable the automatic feature and manually enter authorized addresses.


Whether you opt for the automated or manual method, adding users to RelayFax Server is designed to be a seamless process that integrates with your existing email infrastructure. By following the above guidelines, you can ensure that your RelayFax Server is set up to efficiently handle your organization’s fax communication needs.

This guide provides a clear understanding of how to add new users to your RelayFax Server, ensuring a smooth and secure fax management system.

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