Managing Big Data: The Best CSV File Creators for Your Needs


Could you recommend robust CSV file creation tools suitable for handling extensive data sets?


: Known for its powerful data crunching capabilities, Excel is a go-to for many professionals handling large data sets.

Google Sheets

: While it’s an online tool, Google Sheets has been improving its capacity to handle larger data sets, making it a good option for collaboration.

Zoho Sheet

: This is a free, feature-rich solution that offers a good balance between functionality and cost.

LibreOffice Calc

: For those who prefer a free, native application, LibreOffice Calc can be a robust alternative to other spreadsheet programs.

Row Zero

: Specifically designed to handle large CSV files, Row Zero is a fast and flexible editor that allows you to sort, filter, and search through your data without the lag associated with other programs.


: DbSchema includes a free CSV Editor for large files, which can handle files up to 5GB, depending on your computer’s memory.


: For those comfortable with programming, the Pandas library in Python is a powerful tool for data manipulation and can be used to create and handle large CSV files.

Each of these tools has its own set of features that may suit different needs. It’s worth exploring them to find the one that fits your specific requirements for creating and managing large CSV files. Remember to consider the size of your data sets, the complexity of the data, and whether you need additional features like data filtering, sorting, or collaboration support..

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