Lost your Keek videos? Here’s how to find them again


How can I access my old Keek videos that are no longer available online?

I made some Keek videos in 2015 and shared them on Twitter, but the links are broken and lead to a 404 error page. I also tried the Wayback Machine, but it did not work. I downloaded the new Keek app, but I could not log in with my old username or find my old videos. Is there any way to recover or view my old Keek videos on another website? Here are two examples of the links I have:




Keek was a popular social media app that allowed users to create and share short videos, similar to Vine or TikTok. However, in 2017, Keek was rebranded as Peek, a live video streaming app, and all the old Keek videos were deleted from the servers. This means that if you have any old Keek videos that you want to watch or download, you might be out of luck.

However, there are some possible ways to recover or view your old Keek videos, depending on how you saved or shared them. Here are some options you can try:

Option 1: Check your device’s storage

If you still have the device that you used to record your Keek videos, such as your phone or tablet, you might be able to find them in your device’s storage. Keek had an option to save your videos to your camera roll or gallery, so you can check if you enabled that option and if your videos are still there. You can also use a file manager app to search for any files with the .keek extension, which is the format that Keek used to save videos.

Option 2: Check your Google Photos or iCloud backup

If you backed up your device’s photos and videos to Google Photos or iCloud, you might be able to find your Keek videos there. Google Photos and iCloud automatically sync your camera roll or gallery to the cloud, so if you had the option to save your Keek videos to your device’s storage, they might have been uploaded to your backup as well. You can access your Google Photos or iCloud account from any device and search for your Keek videos by date, location, or keyword.

Option 3: Check your Twitter account

If you shared your Keek videos on Twitter, you might be able to find them on your Twitter account. Keek had an option to post your videos directly to Twitter, so you can check your tweet history and see if you have any tweets with Keek links. The links might not work anymore, but the videos might still be embedded in your tweets. You can also use a tool like [Twitter Video Downloader] to download your videos from Twitter.

Option 4: Check the Wayback Machine or other web archives

If none of the above options work, you can try to use the Wayback Machine or other web archives to see if they have a snapshot of your Keek profile or videos. The Wayback Machine is a website that archives old versions of web pages, so you can enter your Keek URL and see if it has any records of your videos. However, this option might not work for all videos, as the Wayback Machine does not archive every web page or every version of a web page. You can also try other web archives, such as [Archive.is] or [WebCite], to see if they have any snapshots of your Keek videos.

Option 5: Contact Keek or Peek support

If none of the above options work, you can try to contact Keek or Peek support and see if they can help you recover or access your old Keek videos. You can email them at [email protected] or [email protected] and explain your situation. However, this option might not be very effective, as Keek or Peek might not have any records of your old videos or might not be able to restore them for you.

I hope this article helps you find your old Keek videos. Good luck! 😊

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