Locked Out: The 2FA SMS Crisis Affecting Canadian Mimecast Users


“Is there a current outage affecting Mimecast’s two-factor authentication SMS delivery on the east coast of Canada? We’ve been unable to access our account due to a lack of SMS authentication codes for over an hour. Have other users reported similar issues?”


In recent hours, concerns have emerged regarding a potential outage affecting Mimecast’s two-factor authentication (2FA) SMS delivery, specifically on the east coast of Canada. Users have reported an inability to access their accounts, citing a lack of receipt of the necessary SMS authentication codes. This has raised questions about the extent of the issue and whether it is an isolated incident or part of a broader problem.

Upon investigation, it appears that multiple users have encountered similar difficulties, as evidenced by discussions on online forums such as Reddit. These users have expressed frustration over the disruption of service, which has impeded their ability to sign in to Mimecast, thereby affecting their workflow and productivity.

Mimecast’s Response

Despite these user reports, the official Mimecast status page currently indicates that all systems are operational, including the Canadian grid. This discrepancy between user experience and the official status report suggests a possible delay in the recognition or reporting of the issue by Mimecast.

Implications for Users

The reliance on 2FA as a security measure is crucial in today’s digital landscape, where data breaches and cyber threats are rampant. An outage of this nature not only hinders access to essential services but also raises concerns about the robustness of security measures in place. For organizations and individuals relying on Mimecast for secure email communications, this incident underscores the need for contingency plans to maintain access and security in the event of such outages.

Moving Forward

As the situation unfolds, it is vital for Mimecast to address the concerns of its users promptly and transparently. This includes investigating the root cause of the outage, providing timely updates, and outlining measures to prevent future occurrences. For users affected by the outage, staying informed through official channels and community forums will be key to navigating this disruption.

In conclusion, while the current outage poses significant challenges for users on the east coast of Canada, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of reliable security infrastructure and effective communication in managing and mitigating the impact of such events.

This article is a response to the query about the current state of Mimecast’s 2FA SMS delivery system in East Coast Canada. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation based on available information and user reports. For the most current updates and official statements, users are encouraged to refer to Mimecast’s official communication channels..

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