Linked Laptops: Stopping the Auto-Install of Brand-Specific Apps


“Why does my Lenovo laptop, which is linked to the same Microsoft account as my Asus laptop, persistently auto-install Asus-specific software such as Armoury Crate and MyASUS, even after I’ve repeatedly uninstalled them?”


When you use the same Microsoft account on multiple devices, certain behaviors and settings can synchronize across them. This is part of the convenience offered by cloud services, allowing for a seamless experience. However, this can sometimes lead to unexpected results, such as the auto-installation of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software on different brands of devices.

The issue you’re experiencing with your Lenovo laptop automatically downloading Asus software like Armoury Crate and MyASUS is likely due to the synchronization features of Windows 11 tied to your Microsoft account. Windows 11 has a feature that syncs your settings and apps across all devices logged in with the same Microsoft account. This includes the automatic download of apps that are associated with your account.

Possible Solutions:


Disable Automatic App Sync:

  • You can turn off the automatic app sync feature in Windows 11. This will prevent Windows from automatically downloading apps associated with your Microsoft account.
  • – To do this, go to

    Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings

    and turn off the toggle for ‘App settings’.

  • 2.

    Adjust Your Microsoft Store Settings:

    • Another approach is to adjust your Microsoft Store settings to control app downloads. You can access these settings within the Microsoft Store app under your account preferences.
    • 3.

    Use Separate Microsoft Accounts:

    • If the above solutions do not work, consider using separate Microsoft accounts for your Lenovo and Asus laptops. This will ensure that the settings and apps from one do not affect the other.
    • 4.

    Reset Your PC:

    • As a last resort, you could reset your Lenovo laptop. This will reinstall Windows 11 but should not affect your activation status, as the license key is embedded in the BIOS. After resetting, the auto-installation issue should be resolved, provided you adjust the sync settings as mentioned earlier.


    The persistent auto-installation of Asus-specific software on your Lenovo laptop is an unintended consequence of the synchronization features provided by Windows 11. By adjusting your sync settings or account configurations, you can prevent this from happening and maintain control over the software installed on your devices. Remember, always back up your data before making significant changes to your system settings.

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