Lifeclock for Windows 8: A Timepiece, Not a Planner


“Is Lifeclock for Windows 8 designed to assist with task scheduling and time management?”


When it comes to managing our time and tasks, we often look for tools that can help us stay organized and efficient. A common question that arises is whether Lifeclock for Windows 8 can serve as such a tool, particularly in assisting with task scheduling and time management.

Lifeclock, as its name suggests, is primarily a time-tracking application. It provides users with a detailed view of their age, calculated down to the second, by comparing the specified birth date with the system clock. This feature can be quite fascinating for those interested in seeing their exact age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. However, when it comes to task management and scheduling, Lifeclock’s functionality is limited.

The application does not include features typically associated with task management, such as creating to-do lists, setting reminders for upcoming events, or organizing a calendar with appointments and deadlines. Instead, Lifeclock offers a simple and straightforward method for finding out your exact age, which, while interesting, does not extend to the broader needs of time management and task organization.

For users seeking a tool to help with scheduling tasks on Windows 8, it would be advisable to explore other applications specifically designed for that purpose. There are many task managers and scheduling tools available that integrate seamlessly with Windows 8 and offer a range of features to help you manage your time effectively.

In conclusion, while Lifeclock for Windows 8 provides an intriguing way to view your age in meticulous detail, it is not designed to assist with task scheduling and time management. Those in need of such functionalities should consider dedicated task management software that can cater to their organizational needs.


  • – Lifeclock for Windows 8 is a simple age calculator without task management features.
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