Lenovo Legion’s Rocket League Riddle: The Case of the Invisible Display


“I’m experiencing a persistent issue with Rocket League on my Lenovo Legion laptop. Whenever I launch the game, it initiates a phantom secondary display that isn’t actually connected to my system. This anomaly demotes my laptop’s primary screen to a secondary status, causing a severe drop in frame rate that renders the game unplayable, even at the lowest graphic settings. Attempting to rectify this by setting the display to only show on the primary screen temporarily removes the ghost display, but upon restarting the game, the graphics become even more distorted and glitched. Additionally, the game freezes every time I attempt to access the settings menu. Despite trying all conceivable solutions, including reinstalling the game through Epic Games, updating my drivers and Windows OS, and verifying the integrity of the game files, the problem persists exclusively with Rocket League. Can you provide any guidance on resolving this issue?”


Rocket League players on Lenovo Legion laptops have reported a perplexing issue where launching the game triggers the appearance of a non-existent secondary display. This ghost display disrupts the primary screen’s functionality, leading to a drastic drop in frame rates and making the game unplayable, even on the lowest graphics settings. Efforts to resolve the problem by projecting only on the primary screen seem to work momentarily, but the issue resurfaces with even more graphical glitches once the game is restarted. Moreover, attempts to access the settings menu result in the game freezing.

This problem is particularly stubborn, persisting despite various troubleshooting attempts, including reinstalling the game, updating drivers, and verifying game files. It appears to be unique to Rocket League, as no other applications seem to cause this issue.

If you’re facing this frustrating problem, here’s a structured approach to troubleshooting and hopefully resolving the issue:

: Ensure that your Lenovo Legion laptop is running the latest BIOS update available from Lenovo’s official support page. Sometimes, a BIOS update can resolve underlying hardware communication issues that might be causing the phantom display.


Review Display Settings

: Navigate to your display settings and ensure that only one monitor is recognized by your system. If a second, non-existent monitor appears, try removing it from the settings.


Update Graphics Drivers

: Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can cause various display issues. Visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer to download and install the latest drivers.


Modify Game Configuration Files

: Some users have found success by editing specific game files. For Rocket League, navigate to `My Documents > My Games > RocketLeague > TAGame > Config` and adjust the settings in the `TASystemSettings.ini` file. However, proceed with caution and back up any files before making changes.


Check for Software Conflicts

: Other software running in the background, such as screen recording or overlay applications, can interfere with Rocket League. Try disabling these programs to see if the issue persists.


Consult Community Forums

: The gaming community is a valuable resource. Check forums like Reddit’s r/LenovoLegion for similar issues and potential fixes shared by other users.


Contact Support

: If all else fails, reaching out to both Lenovo and Rocket League’s support teams may provide you with a solution tailored to your specific hardware and software configuration.

In conclusion, the phantom display issue in Rocket League is a complex problem that may require a combination of the above steps to resolve. By methodically working through these suggestions, you increase your chances of getting back to a seamless gaming experience. Remember, when making changes to your system or game files, always back up important data to prevent any accidental loss. Good luck!

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