Kickstarting eMailMyIP: A Beginner’s Checklist


“What initial setup details are required to activate eMailMyIP services?”


: You’ll need to enter the email address where you want to receive IP notifications. Ensure that this email account allows third-party app integrations.


SMTP Server Details

: Input the SMTP server information for your email provider, which includes the server address, port, and whether it requires SSL/TLS encryption.


Authentication Credentials

: Provide the username and password for your email account to authenticate the eMailMyIP service.


IP Address Settings

: Decide if you want to track your public IP, private IP, or both. This will determine what IP information eMailMyIP will monitor and email.


Notification Frequency

: Set how often you want to receive email notifications about IP changes – this can range from every change to daily summaries.


Custom Email Content

: If desired, customize the content of the email notifications to include additional information or a personalized message.


Test and Verify

: Before finalizing the setup, perform a test to ensure that emails are being sent and received correctly.

Remember, the exact details may vary slightly depending on your email provider and network setup, but these are the general requirements you’ll need to address to activate eMailMyIP services. Always ensure that your email account security is not compromised when using such services.

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