Key Areas of Focus for the SAP HANA C_HANAIMP142 Test


Could you advise on the essential topics that one should master for the C_HANAIMP142 exam?


Understanding the fundamentals of SAP HANA and its in-memory computing capabilities is foundational. This includes knowing how it processes massive amounts of data in real-time and its impact on business applications.

Data Modeling and Data Provisioning

Data modeling is a significant portion of the exam. You should be well-versed in creating information models and optimizing them for performance. Data provisioning involves techniques for importing data into SAP HANA from various sources.

Administration of SAP HANA

Knowing how to administer SAP HANA, including system monitoring and troubleshooting, is essential. This ensures the system’s optimal performance and availability.

Security and Authorization

Security is paramount in any system, and SAP HANA is no exception. You’ll need to know how to implement security measures and manage user authorizations effectively.


A good grasp of SQL and SQLScript for SAP HANA will help you manipulate data and create complex stored procedures.

Application Development on SAP HANA

Lastly, understanding how to develop applications that leverage SAP HANA’s capabilities can give you an edge. This includes knowledge of its application services and how to use them for building applications.

To prepare effectively, consider utilizing study materials that cover these topics in-depth, such as the C_HANAIMP142 study guide from MyITGuides. They offer a comprehensive package with practice questions and answers, helping you assess your understanding and readiness for the exam.

Remember, the key to success in the C_HANAIMP142 exam is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Good luck with your preparation and exam!

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