Keeping Family Passwords Secure with PMW’s Sharing Features


Is there a secure method to share passwords stored in PMW with family members?


Most password managers, including PMW, offer a feature specifically designed for secure sharing. This allows you to grant access to selected passwords or secure notes within your vault without exposing the actual credentials.

How It Works

  • Create a Shared Folder

    : You can create a shared folder within PMW and add the passwords you wish to share.

  • Set Permissions

    : Assign permissions to each family member, determining who can view or edit the shared passwords.

  • Invite Members

    : Send an invitation to family members’ PMW accounts. Once they accept, they’ll have access to the shared folder.

  • Benefits of Secure Sharing

  • Controlled Access

    : You control who sees what, and can revoke access at any time.

  • No More Password Reuse

    : Family members won’t need to reuse passwords since they can access shared ones securely.

  • Emergency Access

    : Some password managers allow you to set up emergency access for family members in case you’re unable to manage your account.

  • Best Practices

  • Use Strong Master Passwords

    : Ensure each family member has a strong, unique master password for their PMW account.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    : For added security, turn on 2FA for each account.

  • Regularly Update Shared Passwords

    : Change shared passwords periodically and update them in the PMW vault.

  • Conclusion

    Sharing passwords with family members using PMW is not only possible but also recommended for maintaining strong security practices. By utilizing the secure sharing features, you can ensure that sensitive information remains protected while still providing necessary access to your loved ones. Always follow best practices to enhance the security of your shared digital life.

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