Integrated Audio in TMonitors: Convenience Meets Technology


Do any TMonitor models come equipped with integrated audio output capabilities?


Monitors with built-in speakers offer a convenient solution for users looking to save space and avoid the clutter of external speakers. They’re particularly useful in settings where desk space is at a premium or for those who prefer a minimalist setup.

TMonitor Models with Integrated Speakers

Several TMonitor models come with built-in speakers, providing a range of options for different needs and budgets. For instance, Samsung’s lineup includes models like the CJ791 Thunderbolt, T55 Curved Monitor, and the ViewFinity S95UA, all of which feature integrated speakers. These models cater to various users, from professionals requiring precise color calibration to gamers seeking immersive experiences.

Quality of Sound

While built-in speakers are convenient, it’s important to note that their sound quality may not always match that of dedicated audio systems. However, for everyday use, such as video conferencing, casual gaming, or streaming media, the built-in speakers of a TMonitor can be more than sufficient.

Choosing the Right Monitor

When selecting a TMonitor with built-in speakers, consider the intended use. For gaming, models like the ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q offer a balance of audio and visual features. For work and general multimedia, options like the Dell S2419H S Series provide a good mix of audio quality and display performance.


In conclusion, TMonitor models with built-in speakers are readily available and can serve a variety of purposes. While they may not replace high-end audio equipment for audiophiles, they offer a practical and space-saving solution for users with general audio needs. Always check the specifications to ensure the monitor meets your requirements for both sound and visual quality.

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