Integrate Seamlessly: The Power of Email Checker Pro’s API


Is there an API provided by Email Checker Pro for integration purposes?


Here’s a brief overview of what the Email Checker Pro API offers:

  • : The API allows you to check the validity of email addresses in real-time, ensuring that only valid emails are captured and stored.

  • Syntax and Domain Checking

    : It verifies the syntax of the email address and checks the domain for MX-Records to confirm the existence of the email server.

  • SMTP Checks

    : The API communicates with the email server via SMTP to determine if the mailbox can receive emails.

  • Disposable Email Detection

    : It can identify temporary or disposable email addresses, which are often used for fraudulent purposes.

  • Catch-All Address Detection

    : The API can detect if an email address is a ‘catch-all’ address, which accepts all incoming mail traffic.

  • Quality Scoring

    : Each email address is assigned a numeric score reflecting its quality, aiding in the separation of genuine users from potential abusers.

  • Free vs. Private Domains

    : The API distinguishes between free email providers like Gmail and private domains, providing additional context for your email lists.

  • Role-Based Address Detection

    : It identifies role-based email addresses (like [email protected]), which are not typically associated with individual users.

  • To utilize the Email Checker Pro API, you will need an API key, which you can obtain by creating an account on their website. The API documentation provides detailed instructions on how to integrate and use the API effectively.

    In summary, the Email Checker Pro API is a robust tool for businesses looking to maintain high-quality email lists and improve the success rates of their email campaigns. By integrating this API, you can significantly reduce bounce rates and enhance the overall efficiency of your email communication strategies.

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