Images and Words: A Perfect Combination for Technical Issues in This Subreddit


How can images enhance the communication of technical issues in this subreddit?

I have encountered many technical issues that were difficult to describe in words, especially without having much expertise. This subreddit has been a great resource for me, but I often felt frustrated by the lack of visual aids. I believe that many others have faced the same problem, but did not voice it. I think that allowing images in this subreddit would improve the clarity and quality of the questions and answers. Please support this idea by upvoting. Thank you.


Technical issues are often complex and require precise and accurate descriptions to be solved. However, not everyone has the same level of expertise or vocabulary to express their problems clearly and concisely. This can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and frustration for both the questioners and the answerers in this subreddit.

One way to overcome this challenge is to use images as a complementary tool to convey technical information. Images can provide visual examples, illustrations, diagrams, screenshots, or graphs that can supplement the verbal explanations and make them easier to understand. Images can also help to highlight the key points, show the steps, or compare the results of different solutions.

Images are not meant to replace words, but to enhance them. They can help to bridge the gap between different levels of technical knowledge and experience, and foster a more collaborative and supportive community in this subreddit. Images can also make the questions and answers more engaging, attractive, and memorable for the readers.

Therefore, I propose that this subreddit should allow images in its posts and comments, as long as they are relevant, appropriate, and respectful. I think that this would improve the communication and quality of the technical issues in this subreddit, and benefit both the questioners and the answerers. I hope that you agree with me and support this idea by upvoting. Thank you for reading.

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