How to Stop Notion’s Pop-Up Prompts on Brave Browser


“I’ve uninstalled the Notion application from my system settings, yet I continue to receive a pop-up prompting me to ‘Open URL: Notion’ with options to either open or cancel. I’m uncertain about the cause of this persistent pop-up, especially since my preference is to utilize Notion solely via a web browser. Could there be residual files on my system that are triggering this pop-up? I’m seeking guidance on how to eliminate this issue. Additionally, I use the Brave browser—could this be a factor?”


If you’ve recently uninstalled the Notion app but are still encountering pop-ups inviting you to open the Notion URL, it’s understandable to be frustrated and confused. This issue is often due to remnants of the application left behind on your system, which continue to trigger these prompts. Let’s explore some steps to resolve this problem and ensure a smoother web experience.

When you uninstall an application, ideally, all its components should be removed from your system. However, sometimes, certain files, settings, or registry entries can remain. These leftovers might be responsible for the recurring pop-ups you’re experiencing.

Steps to Resolve the Pop-Up Issue


Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

: Start by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This can remove any stored data that might be causing the pop-ups.


Check Browser Settings

: Since you’re using the Brave browser, ensure that the pop-up settings are configured correctly. Navigate to `brave://settings/content/popups` and review the list of allowed sites. If Notion is listed, remove it from the allowed list.


Inspect System for Residual Files

: Use a system search to look for any remaining Notion files. If you find any, delete them.


Registry Cleanup

: Be cautious with this step. If you’re comfortable editing the registry, you can search for entries related to Notion and remove them. It’s advisable to back up the registry before making changes.


Reset Browser Settings

: If the issue persists, consider resetting your Brave browser settings to default, which can remove any residual configurations that might be causing the pop-ups.


Use Third-Party Software

: There are third-party applications designed to clean up leftover files after an uninstallation. You might want to use one of these to ensure all Notion-related files are removed.

Could Brave Browser Be a Factor?

The Brave browser is known for its robust privacy features, including pop-up blocking. It’s unlikely that the browser itself is causing the issue unless it has been configured to allow pop-ups from Notion. Double-check the pop-up settings as mentioned earlier to ensure this isn’t the case.

Final Thoughts

Persistent pop-ups after uninstalling an application can be a nuisance, but with the right approach, they can be eliminated. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to stop the Notion pop-ups and enjoy a distraction-free browsing experience. Remember, when dealing with system files and settings, proceed with caution to avoid unintended system changes. If you’re ever in doubt, seeking assistance from a professional might be the best course of action..

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