How to Segment Your Files Using Bandizip: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


Could you advise on the procedure for segmenting sizable files using Bandizip?


Start by launching Bandizip on your computer.

Step 2: Access the New Archive Dialog Box

Create a new archive by selecting the ‘New’ option, which will open the New Archive dialog box.

Step 3: Locate the Split Option

In the dialog box, click on ‘More options’ to expand the menu. Here, you’ll find the ‘Split to volumes’ menu, which is specifically designed for splitting files.

Step 4: Choose a Split Size

Bandizip provides a list of predefined split sizes that are compatible with common email services and storage media. You can select a size from this list or enter a custom size that suits your needs.

Step 5: Start Archiving

Once you’ve selected the split size, proceed with the archiving process. Bandizip will create the primary archive file along with the split files in the designated folder.

Step 6: Manage the Split Files

The split files will be named sequentially (e.g., filename.001, filename.002, etc.), making it easy to identify the order of reassembly.

Step 7: Transfer or Store the Files

You can now attach these split files to an email or store them on a drive. If you encounter any upload capacity limits, simply send the files in separate emails or use multiple storage units.

Important Note:

When uploading or transferring split files, ensure that all parts are included. Omitting even a single part can prevent the successful reassembly and decompression of the files. Similarly, when downloading or receiving split files, make sure to save all parts in the same folder before attempting to decompress.

By following these steps, you can easily segment large files into smaller parts using Bandizip, making it possible to overcome file size restrictions and facilitate the sharing of large amounts of data.

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