How to Give Your Co-Worker a Taste of Their Own Medicine After They Turned Your Computer into a Farm


How can I retaliate against a colleague who tampered with my computer settings and replaced them with goat and sheep images and sounds?

This question is more formal and concise, and it specifies the nature of the prank and the desired outcome. 😊


Pranks are a common way of having fun and bonding with your co-workers, but sometimes they can go too far and cause annoyance or frustration. If you are a victim of a prank that involved your computer settings being changed to goat and sheep themes, you might be looking for a way to get back at the prankster and restore the balance of power.

Before you plan your revenge, you should consider a few things:

  • Is the prank harmless or harmful? A harmless prank is one that does not damage your work, reputation, or personal data, and can be easily reversed. A harmful prank is one that causes you to lose important files, miss deadlines, or compromise your security. If the prank is harmful, you should report it to your manager or IT department and seek professional help.
  • Is the prankster a friend or a foe? A friend is someone who pranks you out of affection and respect, and expects you to prank them back. A foe is someone who pranks you out of malice or envy, and wants to humiliate or hurt you. If the prankster is a friend, you should keep your revenge prank friendly and playful. If the prankster is a foe, you should avoid escalating the conflict and seek mediation or resolution.
  • What are the rules and norms of your workplace? Different workplaces have different cultures and expectations regarding pranks. Some workplaces encourage pranks as a way of fostering creativity and camaraderie, while others discourage pranks as a way of maintaining professionalism and productivity. You should be aware of the rules and norms of your workplace and respect them. You should also avoid pranks that could violate the policies or laws of your organization or country.

Assuming that the prank is harmless, the prankster is a friend, and the workplace is prank-friendly, here are some possible revenge pranks that you can try:

  • Change the prankster’s computer settings to a different animal theme, such as cows, pigs, or chickens. You can also change their sounds, icons, wallpapers, screensavers, and mouse pointers to match the theme. To make it more challenging, you can set a password or a timer for the settings to revert back to normal.
  • Replace the prankster’s keyboard or mouse with a wireless or Bluetooth one that you can control from your own device. You can then type random words, move the cursor, or click on things when they are working. You can also use a remote control app or software to access their computer and mess with their files, programs, or browser tabs.
  • Fill the prankster’s desk or cubicle with balloons, confetti, or streamers. You can also hide some surprises inside the balloons, such as glitter, candy, or notes. You can also attach some strings or wires to the balloons, so that when they pop them, they trigger some other effects, such as a loud noise, a spray of water, or a flash of light.

Remember, the goal of a revenge prank is to have fun and make your co-worker laugh, not to cause harm or trouble. You should also be prepared to face the consequences of your prank, such as cleaning up the mess, apologizing to anyone affected, or accepting another prank in return. Pranks can be a great way of enhancing your work environment, as long as they are done with respect, consent, and moderation.


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