How to Get Genymotion Running on Your Virtual Machine Environment


What are the steps to configure Genymotion for operation on a virtual machine setup?


Step 1: Verify Virtualization Support

Ensure that your CPU supports virtualization and it’s enabled in the BIOS settings. This is a mandatory requirement for running Genymotion.

Step 2: Install a Hypervisor

Genymotion requires a hypervisor to run the Android system. You can choose between VirtualBox or QEMU as your hypervisor.

Step 3: Download and Install Genymotion

Head over to the Genymotion website, register for an account, and download the Genymotion installer for your operating system.

Step 4: Set Up VirtualBox (If Chosen)

If you opt for VirtualBox, install it ensuring that VirtualBox Networking is enabled. Check your system’s package installer or visit the VirtualBox download page for installation.

Step 5: Configure Genymotion with Your IDE

For integration with tools like Android Studio, download the appropriate Genymotion plugin and configure it within your IDE settings.

Step 6: Launch and Manage Virtual Devices

Use Genymotion’s Graphical User Interface to configure, launch, and manage your virtual devices. You can start a virtual device, perform a quick or cold boot, and edit the virtual device configuration as needed.

Step 7: Adjust Virtual Device Settings

In the virtual device configuration window, you can change system settings such as the number of processors, memory size, VM heap size, and display settings to optimize performance.

Step 8: Test Your Setup

Once everything is configured, test your application in Genymotion by selecting it from the device chooser dialog when running your application.

Remember, each virtual device you create is dependent on the hypervisor, and switching hypervisors will affect the visibility of these devices in the Genymotion dashboard. Following these steps should provide you with a functional Genymotion setup on a virtual machine environment.

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