HitFilm Express Guide: Slowing Down Time with Style


Could you guide me through the process of applying slow-motion effects within HitFilm Express?


Start by importing the video clip you want to slow down into HitFilm Express. It’s best to use footage shot at a high frame rate for more fluid slow motion.

Step 2: Create a Composite Shot

Right-click on the clip in your media panel and select ‘Make Composite Shot’. This will open up more advanced editing options.

Step 3: Apply the Speed Effect

In the ‘Effects’ panel, search for the ‘Speed/Duration’ effect and apply it to your clip. You can also right-click on the clip and choose ‘Speed/Duration’ from the menu.

Step 4: Adjust the Speed

In the ‘Controls’ panel, you’ll find the ‘Speed’ property under the ‘Speed/Duration’ effect. Lower the percentage to slow down your clip. For example, setting it to 50% will play your clip at half its original speed.

Step 5: Fine-Tune the Effect

For a smooth transition from normal speed to slow motion, consider keyframing the speed. This allows you to gradually decrease the speed of the clip rather than an abrupt change.

Step 6: Render Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with the slow-motion effect, it’s time to render your video. Go to the ‘Export’ tab, choose your desired format, and start the rendering process.

Remember, the key to great slow-motion is starting with high frame rate footage and gently adjusting the speed for a natural look. Experiment with different speeds and keyframes to find the perfect effect for your video.

For more detailed tutorials, you can check out resources on YouTube, such as “How to create Smooth Slow Motion in Hitfilm 4 Express – Bullet Time Effect” or “Hitfilm Express: How to do Slow Motion”. These tutorials provide visual guidance that can be very helpful.

And there you have it—a simple guide to adding slow-motion effects in HitFilm Express. With practice, you’ll be able to incorporate this technique seamlessly into your video projects. Happy editing!

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