High Definition, High Decisions: Picking the Best 1440p Monitor


I’ve recently acquired a new PC and am looking to enhance my visual experience by upgrading from a 1080p TN monitor to a more advanced 1440p 27-inch model. Despite having narrowed down my options to four seemingly comparable monitors, I’m seeking your expertise to make a well-informed decision. Each model boasts FreeSync technology, a 1ms response time, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Notably, the Gigabyte monitor includes a KVM feature. With refresh rates ranging between 165-180Hz, I’m inclined to question whether selecting the monitor with the highest refresh rate is the most prudent choice. The models under consideration are:

  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A
  • Gigabyte M27Q P
  • Dell G2724D
  • LG 27GP850
  • Could

you provide your professional insight on which monitor may best suit my needs, considering the aforementioned specifications?”


is a strong contender in the gaming monitor space, offering an impressive balance of performance and features. Its IPS panel ensures vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, making it a great choice for both gaming and content creation. The ability to overclock the refresh rate to 170Hz provides a smooth gaming experience, and its compatibility with both Adaptive Sync and G-SYNC allows for versatility regardless of your graphics card.

Gigabyte M27Q P

stands out with its KVM feature, which is particularly useful if you’re planning to control multiple PCs with a single set of peripherals. This monitor also boasts a high refresh rate and an IPS panel known for color accuracy, making it suitable for tasks that require color precision.

Dell G2724D

might be the go-to option if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution without compromising on gaming performance. While it may lack some of the additional features found in the other models, it still provides a solid gaming experience with good motion handling and support for both FreeSync and G-SYNC.

LG 27GP850

pushes the boundaries with the highest refresh rate among the options, peaking at 180Hz. This makes it an ideal choice for competitive gamers who prioritize fluid motion and responsiveness. Additionally, its performance in bright rooms is commendable due to its peak brightness and reflection handling.

In conclusion, if your primary focus is gaming and you desire the smoothest experience possible, the

LG 27GP850

with its top-tier refresh rate would be the optimal choice. For a balanced mix of gaming and productivity, the


offers a robust set of features. The

Gigabyte M27Q P

is perfect for those who need the KVM functionality, and the

Dell G2724D

presents a cost-effective alternative without significant compromises. Ultimately, the best monitor for you will depend on which aspects—be it gaming performance, color accuracy, or additional features—you value the most in your daily use.

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